• Project Royal Observatory Greenwich, Master Planning
  • Location London, SE18

Assisting Royal Museums Greenwich set up a substantial project team for the redevelopment of the Royal Observatory World Heritage site

Project filed in Culture and Heritage

Jeremy Hull was called upon by RMG when this project evolved from a small-scale refurbishment of existing spaces, to a major redevelopment involving complex new build areas.

Jeremy set up the principles of the separate Basebuild and Exhibition project teams, the roles and responsibilities, how RMG works with them, and how the teams are managed. He produced a master exhibitions programme for the proposed ten different galleries, and co-ordinated that with Basebuild information to create the first true start to finish programme, and allow RMG to plan their project timings effectively.

Lastly, Jeremy ran the procurement for the Basebuild Project Manager, leaving RMG with a suitable partner for the subsequent stages beyond his master planning scope.

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