PT Projects are commercial and proactive in our approach, practical and accurate in the advice we give, and effective in our delivery.

We use our experience in delivering projects to meet our clients demands for quality and precision and best value. We pay close attention to detail and understand the importance of design from both the Client and Architects perspective. This helps us to prioritise design critical aspects of any type of project and offer ideas which maintain quality, but save cost and time.

PT Projects have experience of working on many different types and scales of projects and we are adept at applying ourselves to almost any type of project

  • Our commercial experience includes hotels, restaurants, airline lounges, shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and even Cruise Liners.
  • We work on residential projects for developers, on challenging mixed-use projects as well as directly for owners to enable them to create their dream home.
  • PT Projects experience of working overseas on commercial and museum/exhibition projects means that we can assist UK companies in seeing them successfully from concept to completion.
  • You will also find that we have significant experience of working on public realm projects ranging from ‘Dutch style’ traffic calming to public artworks and installations.
  • Our Exhibition experience ranges from temporary exhibition displays to new galleries which range from traditional displays to new experimental media.
  • We also work on the construction of new buildings and conversion/adaption of existing to form new Museums, Galleries, Cinemas, Visitor & Community Centres.
  • Many of our projects are also heritage based projects which range from apartments and houses in listed buildings to Grade 1 listed Monuments and even to the reconstruction of a fire damaged Pier.