• Project Wonderseekers, People & Planet Connected
  • Location Winchester, Hants

Assisting the Wonderseekers charity organisation set up a project team for the redevelopment of their Winchester Science Centre site

Project filed in Culture and Heritage
  • Client Winchester Science Centre
  • Completion March 2024

Peta Turvey and Jeremy Hull were called in by Wonderseekers to assist in the structuring and set up of a project team for their new galleries and building upgrades, plus cost planning for the various project permutations being considered.

Jeremy set up the principles of the separate Basebuild and Exhibition project teams, the roles and responsibilities, how Wonderseekers can work with them, and how the teams are managed.

He produced a master programme for the various Basebuild elements including a brand-new gallery space, building upgrades to heating, insulation and glazing, and the proposed four different new exhibitions, and aligned these to create the first start to finish programme, allowing Wonderseekers to see the holistic picture of what is required, and plan their project timings effectively.

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